I work basically as independent radio maker and infrequent DJ and am no more interesting to Sony earphones. Having pampered a well-worn combine of Sony MDR-V700 earphones for as far back as decade for general studio/work utilize, I was in desperate need of another arrangement of jars.

The 7506 has a long notoriety as a strong arrangement of workhorse earphones with better than expected sound quality. I've seen them utilized as a part of endless radio and recording studios on numerous occasions throughout recent years. Having logged around 20 hours or so with them so far, I can perceive what really matters to all the acclaim.

The fit is agreeable for longer sessions and the headphones themselves, as said somewhere else, can be driven noisily before any discernable bending kicks in. I'd portray the general sound quality as adjusted: highs are sharp without a puncturing quality, mids are available with no sloppiness and the bass is punchy and warm without overwhelming whatever remains of the range.

Mind you, this is just in the same class as your source material, however in playing back run of the mill 16 or 24-bit WAV sound in the studio (and also 320 MP3s and even some more seasoned vinyl) the 7506 has done well with each source up until now. No grumblings.

I'd say the main proviso with the 7506 is in its plan. They're NOT the sturdiest of earphones available as far as construct quality. They're significantly lighter than others these days which adds to the solace calculate yet can be an issue after some time where sturdiness is concerned. They do crease up for transport however the wire to every headphone is uncovered - another irregularity contrasted with other current models - however said wires are held fairly solidly set up.

I'd say the way to getting the most out of these over the long haul is to deal with them to some degree gently. My more established MDR-V700s were infamous for breaking at the pivots yet having coddled them for so long it's not horribly hard to keep them usable with a touch of appropriate care. These ship with a delicate calfskin conveying pocket which ought to be satisfactory for bearing these much of the time however a hard-shell or zippered vinyl case (Slappa, UDG, and so forth) wouldn't hurt to have close by either.

In general, on sound quality alone and solace alone, the 7506 is an absolute necessity have for any individual who spends a decent lump of their life living in earphones.